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About Imagenes Press and the Author
Founded in 1979 by renowned photojournalist Roger LaBrucherie, Imagenes Press grew out of Mr. LaBrucherie’s experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic. At the time, the Dominican Republic was a country virtually unknown to the outside world (the then-most-recent National Geographic article about the country dated from 1944), and was attempting to develop a tourism industry to provide jobs and lift the country from poverty.

Mr. LaBrucherie believed that a photographic-essay book depicting not only the island’s extraordinary natural beauty, but the beauty of her culture and the warmth of her people would help advance the country’s tourism industry. From that belief sprang Images of Santo Domingo, a small book about the Dominican Republic. This was the first of a series of coffee table books and pictorial books that author-photographer Roger LaBrucherie prefers to call “documentary books,” because their text and photographs focus as much on a country’s culture and history as they do on its scenic beauty.

After that first book, the author-photographer has gone on to cover Puerto Rico, Barbados, Bermuda, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago, and Hawaii, producing a total of fifteen photographic-essay books to date.

Born and raised on a farm in California, Mr. LaBrucherie credits his Peace Corps experience for his books’ extraordinary focus on the people, tradition, and history of the places he covers: “The foundation of the Peace Corps is cross-cultural understanding. My first purpose in my work has always been to educate my readers, but I well know that the only way to do that is to keep their attention – that’s where dramatic photography comes in.” Small wonder then, that his books have become as renowned for their in-depth approach to their subject matter as they are for their spectacular visual imagery.
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